About Us

As medical doctors who have personally overcome thyroid disease, we've dedicated our lives to helping others navigate similar health challenges. Our medical journey began in Italy, where we earned our medical degrees and further specialized in Functional Medicine, with an emphasis on hormonal and thyroid health, earning our certification from the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM).

Our journey did not stop there, as we are currently furthering our expertise by by pursuing a degree in diabetology at Tor Vergata University & Hospital in Rome. This combination of diverse training and specialization underscores our commitment to providing comprehensive and advanced medical care to our patients.

We're proud to say that we've established the largest social media community worldwide for thyroid health, currently connecting and providing resources to over 2 million followers. 

Functional Medicine is a systems-oriented model that sees patients as whole individuals, not just a collection of symptoms. It's a personalized approach that enables us and our patients to collaboratively address the root causes of disease, promoting an optimal state of health.

What sets us apart is our approach. We don't just treat or give medications, we build strong partnerships a with our patients. We're committed to providing care that addresses both psychological well-being and physical health. It's about more than just prescribing medication—it's about creating a supportive, healing environment.

To date, we've successfully guided more than 10,000 women worldwide. We harness the power of diet, supplements, herbs, and root cause analysis to tailor treatments. This approach treats the individual, not just the condition, and we believe it's the future of medicine.

Our practice is a journey of mutual learning and cooperation. We listen to our patients, learn from them, and collaborate to devise the most effective treatment plans. We firmly believe in treating patients as a team, with your well-being taking center stage.

Our unique approach to thyroid pathology is shaped by our education and personal experiences. We're here to embark on this wellness journey with you.